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Re: Hostname alias for .IE primary?

Hi Nick et al,

  >I don't think that this has been brought up recently, but can UCD consider
  >creating a canonical hostname for the primary DNS server for .IE?  At
  >the moment, we've just switched from midir.ucd.ie to banba.ucd.ie.  A year
  >or two ago, it was nova.ucd.ie.  And no doubt in a year or two's time, it
  >will change again.

That may be the case, certainly. My personal opinion is that the creation
of a domain name for the IE Domain Registry is a good idea. Aliases for
name servers within that domain name would also be a good idea, allowing
more secondaries to be added efficiently if necessary. However it can't
be done since the IEDR is not legally separate from UCD and UCD already
has a domain name!

I would suggest however that if any NS names are coded into scripts
it is time to become familiar with the Net::DNS package for Perl.
It's fairly simple to find out (using this) a list of nameservers for
a domain, and you can then query the one(s) with the latest SOA.