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Re: Sunday Business Post

Ref your queries please see my responses, where appropriate. Also, & without
wishing to appear flippant, since joining the IEDR I've discovered at first hand
that one really can't believe everything one reads or, to be more precise & also
to be fair to our journalistic cousins, one should not rely too heavily on the
tenses utilised ( remember the ComputerScope " scoop " that we'd already
dispensed with the ODPH rule ? ) nor the slant of the article. Having said that, I
personally feel that John Dunne did generally project the IEDR in a reasonable
light - which, I hope, nobody will begrudge us on this occasion
( Christmas, season of goodwill, peace on Earth to persons of goodwill etc. ).

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> Read all about it in the Sunday Business Post. See
> <http://www.sbpost.ie/newspaper/current/technology/Domain.html>
> Yesterday's article was headlined "Domain name registry splits from UCD"
> and says (inter alia):-

Yes, along with certain UCD luminaries, I too almost had a coronary on reading
this yesterday. As Mark Twain would have commented "the report is greatly
exaggerated", or words to that effect. So, while it's the intention to split as soon
as is viable, which presumably everybody in the industry knows, I can assure
you, it sure hasn't happened as yet ! Incidentally, a colleague with journalistic
connections, advises that while a reporter researches & writes an article it's the
sub-editor who words the headers/headlines ( any comments gentlemen of the
press ? ) which might explain the proliferation of reasonably accurate reporting
with totally inaccurate headlines !

> "....the organisation [IEDR] has decided to restructure into a
> not-for-profit body, separate from UCD and reporting to an independent
> body".

Hmmm, almost right. A more precise comment would probably have been that
the IEDR is currently receiving legal & financial advice on the best route by
which we should proceed to " restructure into a not-for-profit body separate from
UCD ". I'm not certain what's meant by the " reporting to an independent body "
bit as until we're restructured it would be difficult to ascertain to whom we
should be reporting but obviously we'll be reporting to some appropriate body or
agency. But on balance John Dunne is correct.
> `We are hoping to have representatives from government, industry, the
> public and UCD on that body or board,'' said Michael Fagan, the recently
> appointed manager of the IEDR. The new organisation aims to use spare
> revenues to promote the .ie domain, while operating an open book
> accounting system, to pre-empt any potential speculation on the use of the
> organisation's funding. "

That's what I said to John Dunne & unless our lawyers and/or accountants
advise otherwise that's an aspiration which we'd like to put into place.
Obviously the Forum will be consulted but in order to do so we firstly need to
have a practicable viable Business Plan to present in the first place - which is
what our advisers have commenced.
> This is news to me.  I thought that a new working group was going to be
> appointed to advise the IEDR and that no decisions had been made yet.  An
> inspection of the IEDR website reveals nothing new.
> Any comments ?
> -- NR

I've got to confess that I personally don't recall this working group vis a vis
advising the IEDR but, may I stress, no decisions have been made, we're
nowhere near any decisions being made, our legal/financial advisers are
investigating the various options ( which will be discussed with the
Forum/legitimate interests ) which will be in the best interests of the industry &
general public. Trust this answers your questions & thank you for your
continuing interest in the IEDR.
Mike Fagan.