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Re: Sunday Business Post

At 05:37 PM 12/14/98 +0000, Michael Fagan wrote:
>> Sunday Business Post Quote
>> `We are hoping to have representatives from government, industry, the
>> public and UCD on that body or board,'' said Michael Fagan, the recently
>> appointed manager of the IEDR. The new organisation aims to use spare
>> revenues to promote the .ie domain, while operating an open book
>> accounting system, to pre-empt any potential speculation on the use of the
>> organisation's funding. "

I personally am worried about the notion of 'promoting the .ie domain'.
This is quite a broad brush. I don't know what the registry has in mind,
but the types of surplus the registry is likely to generate would not put
it in a position to do a great deal of promoting on an international scale.

>I've got to confess that I personally don't recall this working group vis
a vis
>advising the IEDR but, may I stress, no decisions have been made, we're
>nowhere near any decisions being made, our legal/financial advisers are
>investigating the various options ( which will be discussed with the
>Forum/legitimate interests ) which will be in the best interests of the
industry &
>general public. Trust this answers your questions & thank you for your
>continuing interest in the IEDR.
>Mike Fagan.

I could be mistaken, but I believe the idea of having a working group to
deal with this issue was discussed and informally agreed at the meeting on
11 December 1997.

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