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This site is a companion effort to the techarchives website, except it is less well-researched, and is primarily a personal view of the development of the Internet in Ireland by your humble author, Niall Murphy. There is indeed room for a well-researched, unbiased and scholarly account of the events; this isn't it. Try techarchives for that.

You can find your way around in two main ways; the articles themselves, which you'll see below grouped under various headings, and the search function. There isn't a specific order: the articles are deliberately written to be a bit less chronological and a bit more subject-oriented, but if you read them as per the grouping below, that would be ideal.

I suggest you begin with reading the introduction, and then read on whatever subject area takes your fancy. If you come across obvious errors or missing pieces of content, let me know. However you read this, though, I certainly hope you enjoy it. Comments and questions welcome.

DISCLAIMER: the opinions expressed herein are my own, research was in fact carried out, and that the quoted interviews and extracts reflect the opinions of others. Lawyers have reviewed the publication and any errors or omissions are of course my own.


The Dialup ISPs

Before there were mobile operators, before there was eir, before there was ComReg, there were the Dialup Internet Service Providers, which is how most of us got our email fix. (Web? What's that?)

The Dialup ISPs (743 words)

The 1990s were a wholly remarkable decade for Ireland.

Internet √Čireann (3412 words)

Entertainingly shoestring, and weirdly influential.

Club Internet (5475 words)

The first -- perhaps only -- ISP built on the basis of psychic aura.

Ireland Online (3202 words)

Barry Flanagan's iconoclastic success story.

The IEunet Story (3337 words)

IEunet, and all who sailed in her.

The Internet Societies

The story of the rise (and fall, and recovery) of the Internet Societies of Ireland's colleges.

Portrait of the Nerdist (2407 words)

My Journey through Computing, and Ireland's.

The Internet Societies (2277 words)

While other people were having a good time, I was having a very different good time.

Netsoc Rise and Fall (1670 words)

All good things must come to an end. Thankfully, so must the bad things.

Naming Things

The peculiarities of the domain naming business, the difficulty history of the IE Domain Registry, and the redemption wrought by the Iron Curtin.

Programmer Whatmaster (3254 words)

What the domain name business *is*, and how I got involved.

The Naming of Cats (1458 words)

How some things have a number of different names.

Fishbowl with a limo tint (4420 words)

The sturm and drang of quango-stalking.

Raising the Curtin (6387 words)

I face the final Curtin.

Government and Governance

Oh what a tangled Web we weave, when first we practice to Govern ourselves. Or, be governed, without much choice about it.

Governance and Government (3275 words)

The sorry tale of other-regulation and self-regulation.

E-Voting (5435 words)

The Peann Luaidhe is mightier than the sword.

Government, Academia, and the Internet (6110 words)

The Internet -- can't live with it. Pass the beer nuts.

INEX: co-operation South (7130 words)

INEX -- how it came to be, how it thrives. Small is beautiful, and not so small any more.

Lawyercats (4733 words)

Legal Felines and Data in the age of Osmosis

Disordered Packets

Articles not fitting well under any other grouping.

To Eir is Human (4313 words)

The Future Sound of ISDN

A New Wave Sweeps Clean (4040 words)

The story of Nua, Ireland's first global Internet consultancy

Easy Peasy Lemon Directski (3274 words)

One of Ireland's first serious e-commerce websites, and how it got there.

The History of the Irish Internet - Niall Richard Murphy